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you have two choices

Give clients an

Experience to



Let your


do it


The truth is…

…customer relationships have changed.

They expect more and the company that gives it to them keeps them.

If you are focused on TODAY’S customer and not TOMORROW’s potential,
your FUTURE “WILL” provide you with an ROI (return on investment)!

I'm Donna...

My whole business is making your business a “relational ship” business and less of a “transactional” business for a stronger ROI. It’s hard enough to find a client these days….and once you have them, how do you hold onto them?  I can help you make that initial contact and then turn your Contact into a CONNECTION by building a strong business relationship, resulting in growth and revenue.

My 18+ years of marketing and business development have been primarily in Service industries holding positions as a Director or a Vice President on Regional, National and International levels.  Many positions included responsibilities to open new markets and lead sales teams. Generating revenue and exceeding sales goals are challenging and can be stressful for an organization. What if I told you that you can change your sales approach and not only make it fun, but rewarding while helping exceed your sales goals?

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